Saturday, October 31, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009



she'd spent the past hour and a half of the night searching high and low for it. the room that she previously spent hours cleaning in the daytime was now torn apart in this panicked search. her rain soaked boots were thrown across the floor along with the laundry she had just folded. her books were spread all over the desk and the bed was covered in miscellaneous items that she had emptied from her oversized satchel. how was it possible for it to go missing like this? she remembered where she had it last, though the memory grew fuzzier as she grew in the fear of never recovering it. she muttered a prayer under her breath, "God, i know this is immature of me but i really need it. if you let me find it i'll do anything. i'll never lie. i'll be so nice to everyone! i'll even be a missionary in Africa or something! oh, come on, God! pleeeeaaaaaase?" she began to pace back and forth and kept throwing up her hands as if to gesture that she was really about to give up completely. she stopped. she threw herself on the ground in defeat and she cried. she knew it was dumb to be so upset but she couldn't stand the idea that something she had just held on to was gone...never to be held by her again.

but right she opened her eyes, squinting away the tears...something glimmered at her from under the bed. she reached for it but it was just far enough that she would have to move her bed to reach it. so she pulled up the mattress and admist all the dust and random candy wrappers that hid there...she found it. it wasn't what she had been searching for. at all. but she forgot that she had even been missing what she now held in her hand. she thought back to how much it had pained her when she had thought it was lost forever. and she thought to herself that one day this would happen for the item she had searched for today. and there was gentle solace there.


Monday, October 12, 2009

i am neurotic?

i am neurotic is a blog devoted to our funny quirks. rebecca & candis would appreciate this one considering how quirky they've found me to be. i haven't done this in a while but i laughed out loud when i saw it because i almost forgot how it practically controlled everything i did as a child. at the little age of 7, i told myself on the playground, "i'll tell cory i like him if he blinks 4 times in the next minute." weird, right? the crazy thing is that i did it with everyyyything. "i'll start my homework if three more birds pass by my window." ha. well i'm delighted that there are other silly people who do/did it too.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

katherine, my dear. you are sooo right on.

come visit soon, love.

i miss two things.

taosybara from mark harrison on Vimeo.

one is the beautiful southwest. two is capybara...who i've never seen live but they so belong in my life. get here. soon.