Monday, October 21, 2013

let's lose ourselves to the Only.

worship is the one place we can completely lose ourselves and gain something...a living God, who desires to live inside of us and create a revolution for everything around us.  as human beings we are inclined to lose ourselves in things: people, memories, success, and hurt...but let it instead be Christ.  Christ, we can trust. and He will lead us and sustain us in all other things we encounter in life.  worship is the practice of losing ourselves to gain more of Him.  and it is in Him that we'll find the life we're all desperately searching for.  the God who calls us by name and makes His mysteries our mysteries...His people, our people.  i spend so much of my time dreaming of my life's greatest adventure.  turns out i'm already on it.  and the soundtrack to it is worship.  the anthem is praise.

images via: pinterest