Wednesday, March 30, 2011


is something that the british do right. it's used so much more here (probably to cover up rotting walls of ancient tenement buildings). but it's pretty. it makes having to stay in and calligraphy all day :)

...although our particular pattern makes me think of an old man's hawaiian shirt...? i'm searching high and low for a matching shirt to recreate this magic...

Monday, March 28, 2011


with the ladies on fridays is seriously becoming my favorite new thing.

these days.

i forgot how much this song makes me think of good times. about long drives, quiet moments, great adventures, sweet discoveries, subtle but important thoughts, tremendous encouragements, radical hopefulness, questions, really happy laughs and deeply grateful longing. it's actually quite a sad song...but i guess the longing wouldn't be there, had the great moments not.

i hadn't listened to it in quite a while, and i'm thankful for the memories it brings because those memories are so alive even in these days...i find them everywhere. under trees, around the corner, in familiar songs blaring in the pub and brilliantly kind new friends. those memories are everywhere today...

love is a mix tape vol. 12

burn slow, burning up the back wall
long roads, where the city meets the sky
most days, most days stay the sole same
please stay, for this fear it will not die

if i had a boat, i would sail to you
hold u in my arms, ask you to be true
once i had a dream, it died long before
now i’m pointed north, hoping for the shore

down low, down amongst the thorn rows
weeds grow, through the lillies and the vine
birds play, try to find their own way
soft clay, on your feet and under mine

breaking at the seams
heaving at the brace
sheets all billowing
the breaking of the day
sea is not my friend
seasons they conspire
still i choose to swim
slip beneath the tide

once i had a dream
once i had a hope
that was yesterday
not so long ago
this is not the end
this is just the world
such a foolish thing
such an honest girl

-james vincent mcmorrow

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

because of this one thing i'm sure...

He who promised, is ever faithful.

foolishness in your eyes, but the only hope in mine.Add Image

Saturday, March 19, 2011


As a teenager
It is important to shake your fist at the gods
to run as far and as fast as you can into the dark
get lost, pass out, and wake up the next day
with a volume of new and troubling goals
and no plan whatsoever to help you achieve them.

As an adult
it is important to look back at how hard your fist shook
and how those gods still forgave you,
because they had been there too,
running and passing out,
and now that it is all here upon you
plan or no plan
those goals don’t seem nearly as troubling.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

with efterklang. i adore them and although i love music. it's been a while since something's come along to make me feel this much wonder.

you'll soon see why...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

dear ijm,

why are you so far from san diego? least you have these.